Hot rolled and pickled


The first stage in the production of flat carbon steels in the form of coils is hot rolling.

Albasider is able to supply its customers with hot-rolled coils in thicknesses between 1.50 and 20 mm.

Following hot rolling, the material can undergo a pickling process.

Pickling is a chemical dissolution operation that takes place mainly through the use of special acids, which allows rust, calamine and other processing residues to be removed from the surfaces.

Albasider can supply its customers with pickled plates, tapes and straps in thicknesses between 1.50 and 12 mm.

Plates1,50 - 12≤ 2000
Tapes1,50 - 6≤ 2000
Straps1,50 - 3
4 - 6
180 - 2000
500 - 2000
Hot Rolled
Plates1,50 - 20≤ 2000
Tapes1,50 - 6≤ 2000
acciai strutturali

Structural steels

Structural steels are characterised by a special carbon-manganese alloy that ensures a minimum yield strength and a certain tensile strength.

These also have a good aptitude for the welding process.

Main fields of application

Cold-forming and drawing steels

These steels are mainly characterised by a low carbon content and excellent weldability. Their maximum ultimate tensile strength and minimum elongation parameters give them a good aptitude for bending and drawing. The higher the grade chosen, DD11 ==> DD14, the greater the material’s propensity for deep drawing.

Main fields of application

Acciai per formatura a freddo e stampaggio

High-strength steels

Also called microalloyed steels, in addition to a low carbon content they have a high-purity internal molecular structure.

Given their low carbon content, they exhibit improved weldability.

The ductility, fatigue resistance and formability of these steels offer high performance at a low weight.

Main fields of application